We Stand With Ukraine


While the pandemic has been difficult on most, we recognize how fortunate we have been to prosper throughout. The time has come to share that fortune.

It is with great pride that we announce Somagen’s humanitarian efforts in support of Ukraine.

Millions of Ukraine residents have been fighting to survive since the Russian invasion in February 2022. The repercussions of the continuing war have been grim; incomprehensible, even, for many of us living in such an affluent country.

With over 7,000km between us, it can feel impossible to make a positive impact from way over here in Canada. As the situation remains fluid, so do the needs of Ukrainians and supporting countries. With just a little bit of research, however, we were able to find plenty of ways for Canadians to support diverse types of humanitarian initiatives – from supplying food and shelter to supporting those who have already fled to safer land, there are plenty of financial and nonfinancial support options to choose from.

When we work together, a little goes a long way

Somagen recently offered to match staff donations to the Canadian Red Cross (Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal) and Disasters Emergency. By working together, we were able to make a stronger impact, donating several thousand dollars to collect necessities including food and medicine, provide immigration services, reconnect families and assist Ukraine-neighboring countries to receive refugees.

We sincerely hope that our contributions have brought relief to some of the people suffering through this war. We look forward to continuing our humanitarian efforts in the Ukraine and around the world.

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