Our ESG Initiatives


As we look to this year’s Earth Day (April 22, 2023) www.earthday.org Somagen is working where we can to cut down on the amount of waste and do our part to help reduce emissions from landfills.

Single Use Plastic

We are eliminating single use plastic. Items such as cutlery, plates, glasses, etc. are more difficult to procure and the costs are increasing. We will move to metal reusable, washable cutlery. Cups, mugs and glasses will continue to be used eliminating paper coffee cups and plastic water glasses entirely.

Pallet Recycling

Somagen has secured a company to retrieve pallets that we cannot reuse. They will repair and recycle them for resale back into the market. This significantly reduces pallets which had been previously discarded and eventually sent to the landfill.

General Recycling and Composting

We continue to implement our in-house recycling which includes sorting organic waste, paper, cardboard, cans, bottles and milk containers into their appropriate recycling bin.

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