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SeraCare is a leading partner and supplier of diagnostic quality controls, biological materials, and reagents to in vitro diagnostics developers, clinical laboratories, and life science researchers worldwide. Since the early 1980s, they have supported the diagnostic testing industry with biological materials to develop, validate, and challenge today’s most trusted serology and molecular infectious disease assays. With recent rapid advances in clinical genomics and precision diagnostics, SeraCare has developed a leading portfolio of highly flexible, patient-like reference materials and lab QC programs to support advanced diagnostic applications such as next-generation sequencing and digital PCR.

ACCURUN® Controls and Reference Materials

Controls and reference materials for infectious disease testing are the cornerstones of SeraCare’s products. SeraCare has provided gold standard third-party run controls and reference materials to clinical laboratories for more than 30 years. This decades-long experience in the manufacture and design of third party controls ensures your laboratory receives best-in-class products to support clinical lab QC programs, every time.

ACCURUN® Serology Controls

Avoid false-positives and false-negatives with ACCURUN® serological controls in your assay. SeraCare controls help monitor and troubleshoot test methods to isolate system errors in your laboratory. As a leader in lower limit-of-detection controls, SeraCare provides the tools to challenge your assay closer to the assay cut-off, giving confidence in your serology test results.

  • Single and multi-analyte independent controls
  • Human-sourced controls that mimic true patient samples
  • Specifically formulated as low level positive controls
  • Ready-to-use liquid; stable at refrigerated temperatures

ACCURUN® Molecular Controls

Monitor all aspects of your molecular test with a full-process independent control that truly challenges assay performance. ACCURUN® molecular controls mimic patient samples and enable monitoring of the entire testing process, from extraction through detection. As a leader in low-positive controls, SeraCare provides the tools to challenge your molecular assay near the limit of detection, enabling superior detection of assay variability.

  • Whole-cell or whole-organism third party control
  • Mimics a patient sample to monitor entire test performance from extraction to detection
  • Weak reactivity to challenge your test performance
  • Ready-to-use in various sizes
  • Consistency lot-to-lot; large lot
    size availability

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