Pathology & Histology Storage Products

Tissue-Tek® Uni-Cassette® Filing Cabinet

Compact and stackable for efficient histology block storage

The Tissue-Tek® Uni-Cassette® Filing Cabinet provides a permanent storage and reference unit for blocks embedded in Tissue-Tek® Embedding Rings and Cassettes. The histology block storage Filing Cabinets are stackable and accommodate 1,000 rings or 1,500 cassettes. One-piece construction eliminates hinges and doors and provides dust-free storage. Includes six impact-resistant plastic drawers with an identification area. 



One-piece construction
  • Eliminates hinges and doors for dust-free storage
Front panel of the drawer angled
  • Label can be read while standing up when the cabinet is on the floor
Drawers with front writable surface
  • Generous space for identification labeling
Drawers when closed have a latch mechanism
  • Prevents accidental opening if the cabinet is tilted
Recess for fingers on the front of the drawer
  • Accommodates small and large fingers
Compact light and stackable
  • Efficient use of storage space

Tissue-Tek® Lab Aid®  Filing Cabinet System

Protect your valuable slides

The Tissue-Tek® Lab Aid® Filing Cabinet System comes with two different filing drawer sections and can be stacked in any combination. The histology slide filing cabinet system allows convenient storage and retrieval of microscopic slides or transparencies. The 25 mm drawer section is designed to hold 26 x 76 mm microscopic slides. Each section contains 14 drawers, with a capacity of 465 slides per drawer. The 50 mm drawer section is designed to hold 50 x 50 mm transparencies or 50 x 76 mm microscopic slides. The drawer section is complete with 7 drawers, which will accommodate 271 transparencies per drawer. The slide filing cabinet system is constructed of welded steel for durability and requires 19 x 19 inches (48.3 x 48.3 cm) of floor space. Slide backstops easily attach to the inside of the drawers to hold slides in place when the drawer is not full. A slide liner (spring) is also available to hold slides upright in the histology slide filing cabinet during the drying process.



Separate drawer sections, floor base and top panel can each be purchased as individual items
  • Enables stacking of drawers to build a filing cabinet system based on customer needs
Two different filing drawer sections (25 mm and 50 mm)
  • Enables filing system for 26 x 76 mm slides, 50 x 50 mm transparencies or 76 x 50 mm slides and the drawers can be stacked in any combination
Slide backstops easily attach to the inside of the drawers
  • Holds the slides in place when drawer is not full
Slide liner (spring)
  • Holds slides upright during drying process
Welded steel construction
  • Enables safe stacking and is durable

Tissue-Tek® Lab Aid® Ultra™  II
Slide and Block Storage Cabinet

Safe, secure and trusted lab cabinets

Tissue-Tek® Lab Aid® Ultra™ II Slide and Block Storage Cabinet is a large capacity universal storage unit for slides and blocks with security features.

A sturdy steel construction ensures long-term use and includes a drawer lock guaranteeing specimen safety. The convenient removable trays  accommodate up to 76,800 microscope slides or 28,160 blocks. These slide and block cabinets can be bolted together and stacked two high for maximum storage capacity.  Accessories include stackable trays with lids for temporary storage and a trolley with lockable wheels for mobile storage system.



Universal tray for cassettes and slides
  • Trays are compatible with cassette or slide storage eliminating the need for separate inventories
Cabinet can be locked with key
  • Guarantees specimen safety
Ten reinforced smooth-rolling drawers
  • Easy opening and closing
Drawers open one at a time
  • Prevents tipping
Each drawer front has a plastic covered labeling strip
  • Assures positive identification
Writeable color-coded strips
  • Allows grouping and indexing slides or blocks
Convenient lid for cassette trays
  • Provides extra protection for blocks and makes the trays stackable for short-term storage of blocks outside the cabinet
Foam inserts for partially filled trays
  • Secures slides and blocks in the proper upright position
Cabinets can be anchored to the wall
  • Provides earthquake protection
Optional heavy-duty trolley
  • Flexibility in storage location

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