Accu-Cut® SRM™ 300 LT Manual Microtome

Enlightening the block

Tissue sectioning on microtomes is now illuminated.

The Accu-Cut® SRM 300 LT Manual Microtome is the first and only American made manual microtome with a patented multi-colored LED backlit chuck to illuminate paraffin embedded tissue samples making them much easier to see and safer to section.

The microtome chuck backlight increases contrast between specimens and paraffin so users can see exactly where the tissue is located to prevent cutting through a small biopsy or previously sectioned block. 

The Accu-Cut® SRM 300 LT Manual Microtome features a 3D Precision Chuck for accurate alignment of the block face to the blade on all three axes (XYZ), which is crucial for recuts. The sturdy microtome chuck retains its position when locked and unlocked, eliminating any time and effort spent realigning the cutting angle. The 3D Precision Chuck can quickly and accurately be returned to a zero position with the dial indicators.

The compact and ergonomic design helps to minimize cumulative stress on the user and increases both efficiency and productivity. The course hand wheel is optimally sized and positioned for comfortable trimming in either clockwise or counterclockwise rotation and is switchable by the user.

The Accu-Cut® SRM 300 LT Manual Microtome includes many exclusive features that reduce the risk of accidental injuries associated with blade exposure:
  • The first and only Brake Lock Indicator that displays that the chuck is locked and will not move while the user interacts with the microtome, providing users with peace-of-mind.
  • The Red Blade Guard can be set in the UP position to protect the user from accidental exposure to the blade edge while sectioning.
  • A Universal Blade Holder base, featuring lateral displacement, allows operators to use the full length of the microtome blade without releasing the blade clamping mechanism or direct blade manipulation.
  • The Accu-Cut® SRM 300 LT Manual Microtome is the first and only microtome to offer a space-saving Tool Organizer giving back precious bench space.

Compatible with Accu-Edge® Disposable Blades, the Accu-Cut® SRM 300 LT Manual Microtome ensures superior microtome tissue sectioning in the precise art of cutting quality tissue samples section after section, time after time.



Multi-color LED Backlit Chuck
  • Increases contrast between specimens and paraffin to show where the tissue is, to prevent cutting away a small biopsy
  • Ability to create many colors by mixing the color intensities of 4 colors (white, red, green, blue) to contrast the specimen against cassette and paraffin
3D Precision Chuck
  • Accurate alignment of the block face to the blade, which is crucial for recuts
  • Retains position when locked and unlocked
  • Quick and precise fine angle adjustments on all 3 axes (XYZ)
User selectable Course Advance Wheel
  • User selectable in either clockwise or counter clockwise rotation
Adjustable Trimming Lever
  • Advances the chuck 10 or 40 microns with each Hand Wheel rotation
Hand Wheel
  • Smooth-running and conveniently positioned to reduce arm fatigue
Brake Lock Indicator
  • Displays when the chuck is in locked position
Universal Blade Holder Base
  • Accepts both Low and High Profile blades
  • Lateral displacement for full utilization of the blade
Red Blade Guard
  • Protects user from accidental exposure to the blade
  • Can be rotated to the UP position while sectioning
Waste Tray
  • Large and comfortably shaped for efficient removal of paraffin waste
  • Snaps in and out for quick removal and cleaning
  • Convenient collection and disposal with the built-in slot and waste bag attachment

Sectioning a block



Adjusting the block angle


LED backlit chuck


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