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At this time of reflection and forward planning, we have a lot to be excited about. While we are passionate about all our business accomplishments, the true honor and satisfaction comes from sharing those successes with our local community.

At Somagen, improving the quality of life for our fellow Canadians is in our blood. Every year we try to share our resources with those around us, and this year’s events may have been the most outstanding yet. To conclude 2023, we held a remarkable staff event where we partnered with two local organizations who are dedicated to bettering the lives of those who need it most in our community.

The first organization we supported is West Country Hearth (WCH), a senior’s facility close to Somagen Headquarters in Alberta, Canada. WCH is home to 84 seniors with various needs and abilities. Our staff came together to inspire some holiday spirit by creating beautiful boxes full of small gifts and stocking stuffers for each resident. Residents also received a handmade card with holiday greetings from our staff. In honor of our parents, grandparents, elderly friends, and neighbors, we wanted to make sure everyone felt included this holiday season.

The second organization we were honored to collaborate with was The Jessica Martel Memorial Foundation. “Jessie’s House” is a safe house for men, women, and children escaping domestic abuse. Approximately 50 of our staff from across Canada gathered to build 70 hampers containing necessities from food, to toiletries, to clothing and everything in between. We also built packages containing almost 200 books and coloring books along with art supplies for youth and children. Learning about the organization and working together to support their cause was a humbling experience that truly embodied what it means to be a part of the Somagen family.

Thank You for your support 2023, we cannot wait to see what opportunities are waiting in 2024.

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