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SoPure IVF Laboratory Disinfectants and cleaners are designed for use in the IVF laboratory. SoPure offers cleaners for use on general surfaces, CO2 incubators and flowhoods.   Each lot number is MEA DEFINE (i.e Mouse Embryo Assay (“MEA”) and HSSA DEFINE tested.  All SoPure products carry a Health Canada DIN DEFINE number and are authorized for sale and use in Canada. The products are nontoxic, contain no alcohol and are odor free.  SoPure IVF Cleaners are Canadian made, manufactured in an ISO 9001-2015 facility, following Good Manufacturing Practices in the Greater Toronto Area. 

SoPure disinfectants and cleaners ensure efficacy while maintaining the integrity and wholeness of Oocytes, Embryo’s, and sperm during the IVF process.  The SoPure products are available in an 800 ml Spray, 1 litre, 4 L or a 100 wipes per container format.

IVF Laboratory Cleaners

Cleaners for CO2 Incubators and Laminar Flow hoods for IVF Laboratory

CO2 Cleaners Liquid, 4L

DIN# 02512823

CO2 Cleaners Liquid, 1L

DIN# 02512823

CO2 Cleaner, Spray, 800 mL

DIN# 02512823

CO2 Cleaner Wipes, 100/canister

DIN# 02512971

Laboratory Surface Cleaners for IVF Clinics

Surface Cleaner Liquid, 4L

DIN# 02512823

Surface Cleaner Liquid, 1L

DIN# 02512823

Surface Cleaner Spray, 800 mL

DIN# 02512823


Surface Cleaner Wipes, 100/canister

DIN# 02512971

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