Historically, most clinical laboratories made their own quality control material, spending valuable resources troubleshooting samples that were too often out of range. In 1973 toxicology chemist Larry Plutchak saw an opportunity to overcome this obstacle, helping laboratories fill their need for 3rd party commercial QC material. Since that time UTAK has been sourcing 100% human matrices and the purest drugs possible, to provide labs with the controls they need for every kind of analysis.


Starting QC

Start with confidence. Whole blood, urine, serum, oral fluid and more.

  • Screened for drugs of abuse
  • Human matrices
  • Endogenous free matrix

Stock QC

Get true results for drugs of abuse, therapeutic drugs, vitamins and metals testing.

  • 100+ unique designs
  • Comprehensive design
  • Ready to ship in 1-2 days

Personalized QC

UTAK originated 3rd party personalized controls 40 years ago. Whatever the request, they match it, make it and guarantee it.

  • Any matrix
  • Any analyte combination
  • Any concentration

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