Founded in 1991, Vircell is a biotechnology company specialized in the development and production of ready-to-use reagents for the diagnosis of infectious disease in humans by different techniques – ranging from traditional cell culture to innovative developments in the field of molecular biology. Vircell supports diagnostic testing in over 90 countries across the five continents.


Certify the efficiency, quality and reliability of your molecular infectious diseases testing

AMPLIRUN® Amplification Controls catalogue has over 145 products and has been developed to allow the amplification and testing of any region of the genome which is present in natural infections.

  • Purified nucleic acid, complete microbial genome. Any target can be amplified.
  • Valid for any molecular testing platform.
  • Precise concentration in copies/μl verified by Digital Droplet PCR (ddPCR).
  • Non-infectious material provided with inactivation certificate.
  • Lyophilized presentation ensures stability and reduces transport costs.

AMPLIRUN® TOTAL are full process controls designed to monitor the accuracy and precision of the complete analytical process: nucleic acid extraction, amplification and detection. 

  • Inactivated whole pathogen – Contains the entire genome and is compatible with any analysis.
  • Total control in a matrix that mimics a human specimen – For monitoring the entire process.
  • Quantified, low positive controls – Prepared to produce results at a significant clinical concentration.
  • Monodose format and lyophilized presentation – It guarantees stability and avoids handling and additional transport costs.
  • Non-infectious material with inactivation certificate.
  • Multiple platform compatibility.

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