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Helping you improve patient outcomes through precision allergy molecular diagnostics

The importance of specific IgE blood testing

View the WAO —ARIA — GA1LEN consensus document on Precision Allergy Molecular Diagnosis Application (PAMD@)

Allergen identification and management​

Allergen identification and management (AIM) with specific IgE blood tests can help refine and complete patient management.

Predicting asthma in wheezy children

Sensitization to inhaled allergen in early life can help identify children at high risk of severe exacerbations.

Reducing the risk of hospital admission

Reducing exposure to sensitized allergens, has been shown to reduce IgE-load, reducing allergic symptoms.

Managing dog allergy - How to manages patient cases

Up to 32% of people are sensitized to dog dander; how would you manage these patient cases?

Pollen-food allergy syndrome sensitization in patients

Concomitant pollen and fruit sensitization in patients with asthma impacts on growth and lung function

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